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thumb_tamaris_michel_pachaWelcome to Tamaris, on the cornice that bears the name of its creator, Michel Pacha.

Why Tamaris?

It is said that on his return from Constantinople, when he visited the harbor of Toulon on his private yacht, Michel Pacha was seized by the resemblance he had discovered between Lazaret Bay and the entrance to the Bosphorus, View of Pera where he lived in Constantinople.

A native of Sanary, Michel Pacha comes from a prestigious line of marine captains. In 1835, when a cholera epidemic threatened Marseilles, his father decided to embark him with him as a moss, on the Stationary, a ship he commanded at Toulon. The young man climbed the ladder with exemplary speed, which amazed his instructors. At the end of his active service he joined the merchant navy where he made a career. On May 15, 1844, he obtained the certificate of long-term captain by ministerial decision: ten years later he was promoted general director of the lighthouses of the Ottoman Empire.

For his work in the Ports and Lighthouses of Turkey, in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean and Constantinople, the sultan elevates Commander Michel to the dignity of "Pacha". On his return to his native province, he began to develop the district of La Seyne sur Mer called Tamaris, of which Georges Sand, after having stayed there for three months, wrote: "Tamaris is a city of Greece, no, it is a Hill in great tears of the Toulon coast ".

Corniche Michel Pacha

Endowed with a fortune no doubt considerable, Michel Pacha formed the design to establish at Tamaris a station of an oriental kind which would welcome the rich winterers eager to come and rest in this pleasant place.
Marius Michel Pacha, made his fortune, began to buy land, then the entire southern slope, built his castle, settled his fauna and flora of the Bosphorus with palm trees, mandarin trees and many other species.
He then built some fifty villas in the vicinity of the seaside: residences surrounded by parks with exotic and varied species as seen on the banks of the Bosphorus. To properly serve this new set, he established a line of steamboats for passengers. This service makes it possible to ensure regular relations between the station and Toulon.

He created the small harbor of the Mantle and that of the Sablettes and with the cuttings of this channel, he built on a swamp the coastal road and its retaining wall, this cornice as it still exists today that connected the Sablettes to Balaguier .

The work of Tamaris finished, he turns to the Sablettes to make a seaside resort like Tamaris.
Les Sablettes les bains and Tamaris sur Mer will remain a seaside resort until the Second World War, which destroyed the vestiges of the past.
There are still a few residences, built by this designer, promoter and entrepreneur that he was.